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Global F1 Race Team Sponsorship & Mass Media Advertising Agency Department


Objective: Leading agency for F1 Sponsorship distribution in Asia.



Effective Marketing tool Corporate Branding Upgrade & Product promotion via Global F1 Race Teams Sponsorship tie up


Seeking US$20 to 30 million Cash Main Title Sponsors

US$ 5 to 15 million Cash Co Title Sponsors

US$ 1 to 3 million Cash Trade Link-up Sponsors


Mass Media Advertising Agency service in exchange with Global F1 race team sponsorship.


To all Asia companies ssponsors from Banks, Automobile manufacturers, Tires manufacturers, Oil companies, Engine Lubricate Co., Alcohol& Wines brewery, Mobile phone manufactures, Consumers electronics, Telecom providers, PC makers, Credit cards co.


We provide:


-        Full marketing tie up to promote your new product & Corporate Branding to the masses with mass media tool like F1 racing & the F1 racing team publicity.


-        Full scheduling of F1 race team for Road show, TV media advertisement, publication when launching of your new products line.


1) Road Show

2) TV Media

3) Mass media



Call us for your Products & Corporate Branding tied up with Global F1 Race Team Mass Media advertising in exchange for F1 race team sponsorship